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Filename length limitation when using XEvents


Hi Michael!

First off, I really like the BPR viewer and I hope you are open to migrating this to GitHub since CodePlex is shutting down. Lots of folks find this useful.

One small bug that a reader (Paul B) reported to me is that for folks using lots of nested directories to store their trace files, reading xevents sessions may not work if the total filename is 128 characters or greater. This is because @FileNamePattern is declared as sysname. If you could change this to be nvarchar(4000), or whatever, that'd fix it up.

This fix requires changing two lines -- where @FileNamePattern is declared, and where the value is set a bit later (SELECT @FileNamePattern = REPLACE( CAST([value] AS sysname), '.xel', '*xel' ))

I have no idea if CodePlex has any kind of pull request, or I would just do that :)